Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ined blazer  Free Size  RM20 SOLD

Ladies New Yorker  Free Size  RM20  SOLD

White Boyfriend Shirt  Size M  RM15  SOLD

Tache  Free Size  RM15  SOLD

Kerawang Kelabu  Free Size  RM20

Grey Kembang-kembang  Size S  RM20  SOLD

Monday, December 27, 2010


Green dress  Free size  RM20  SOLD

Cute pink dress  S size  RM15  SOLD

 Roxy white  L size  RM25  SOLD

 Black dress  Free size  RM20  SOLD

Blue dress  Free size  RM20  SOLD

Honolulu long dress (pinggang 26 inci, panjang 47 inci)  Free size  RM25  SOLD

White dress  RM15 SOLD

Be+be  Free size  RM10  SOLD

Grey dress  S size  RM15  SOLD

Blue white dress  M size  RM15  SOLD


Goodday all.. heeee we know it's a little too late for us to do SALE but it's better late than never right, haha..
Unlike other blogshop yang ada time je bila SALE, ours is ongoing..for as long as we want...heeee.

Terms & Condition nya..

1 pc of RM10 = RM10
3 pcs of RM10 = RM20

1 pc of RM15 = RM15
3 pcs of RM15 = RM35
1 pc of RM20 = RM20
  3 pcs of RM20 = RM50

If u want to mix any 3 from these prices, u can always ask us ok.. We can assure u that the price will make your jaw drop jugak, hahaha. So, what u waiting for, scroll down and start shopping with us ok.. Fast reservation, 012-6049962


 Forever21 tube dress  Size M  RM20  SOLD

 Talassio  Size L  RM10 SOLD

 Pink Ruffle  Free size  RM10  SOLD

 Creamy singlet  Free size  RM10 

 Yellow ribbon shirt  Size M  RM10  SOLD

 Italia singlet  Free Size  RM10

Ribbon  RM10  SOLD

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Donna Free Size  RM20  SOLD

Minna Classic Size S  RM20  (new)  SOLD

Minna Classic Size S  RM20  (new)  SOLD

MWK Size S  RM20  SOLD

Minna Size S  RM20  SOLD

Luis Estevez  Size 9  RM20 

Cultivation Elle Size M  RM20  SOLD