Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi, update kali ni kami buat Mix & Match.. All the bags are from which is our blogshop selling bags/shoes/etc.  

Promotion price will not apply if u buy separate pieces. Beli 1 set lg untung hehe
One more thing, if u make payment within 24 hours, u will receive FREE GIFT from us!!! 

To order, pls tell us which set (eg: set A, set B) 

SET A:  
If u take 1 whole set, it would be RM70 inc postage only!!!

Baju  RM25, now RM20
Bag  RM20, now RM15  SOLD
Pump RM25  SOLD
Postage  RM10
 so actually total price is RM80!! Total discount is RM10


 SET C: 
If u take 1 whole set, it would be RM90 inc postage only!!!

Baju  RM30  SOLD
Bag  RM35  SOLD
Kasut  RM25
Postage  RM15, but it is FREE!!
 so actually total price is RM105!! Total discount is RM15

 SET D:  
If u take 1 whole set, it would be RM80 inc postage only!!!

Dress  RM25
Jaket  RM25  SOLD
Pant  RM30
Postage  RM10, but it is FREE!!
 so actually total price is RM90!! Total discount is RM10


Monday, April 25, 2011


Warna-warni kehidupanku :)
Hi girls.. pls note that FREE POSTAGE are not included in this new arrivals. 

Orange Ikuko  RM25  SOLD
bahu 17 inch, pnjg 26 inch

Dark Green  RM25
material velvet/baldu
bahu 19.5 inch, pnjg 19.5 inch

Light Purple  RM20
bahu 16 inch, pnjg 25 inch

Chocolate  RM25
material full cotton
bahu 16.5 inch, pnjg 24.5 inch

Monday, April 4, 2011


Latest update. Everything is colorful, just for u all.
Pls view the picture clearly before placing your order. Reservation is strictly for SERIOUS buyer.  
To order, simply send your order to me via email ( or sms (012-6049962, SMS ONLY, JANGAN CALL).

 Orange Minna   RM30  (brand new)
Size L
bahu 15.5 inc, pjg 18.5 inc

 Jacquer Esterel  RM25
Size L
bahu 16 inc, pjg 24.5 inc